Thursday, January 10, 2013

Commenting, What in the World?

Today I’ll be talking about commenting. Now, some people emailed me saying that I sent a reply to everyone except for them. Now I looked back, and there comment was something along the lines of: “cool”. HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO REPLY TO THAT?! If you post a comment saying “cool” I won’t reply. I would love to reply to you, start a conversation, but I can’t work with “cool”. Sometimes I get comments, not naming any names, like “ya i think ur so right”. I would reply if it was “Yes, I think you’re right.”. Besides, even posts that isn’t one word or horrible grammar, if you say “Nice post!” with great spelling punctuation, and grammar, I still can’t reply. Saying “thanks” is getting old.I’m sorry, I’m not hating anyone who will comment, “sweet”, you can say that, but I wont reply back.
Have a nice day! :D
Posted with permission from Max, a student in Mrs. Ripp's 5th grade class. The original post can be found here.  I am sure Max would love your comments to be added there. 

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