Friday, April 5, 2013

Comments4Kids Blog Spotlight: The Mockingjay Project

The Mockingjay Project is soaring! We are learning how to blog as we explore narrative writing. Using Suzanne Collins’ The Hunger Games as a model text and as a backdrop for our posts, students have assumed a fictitious identity as a tribute from one of the twelve Districts in the country of Panem. This identity is explained in each student’s “About Me” page. So far, students have blogged about the day of the reaping and hearing his/her name announced as a tribute.

Students are offering writing advice to each other, and we encourage you to leave comments on any of the blogs to help our students become better writers over the course of the project. Guidelines for commenting can be found on the “Commenting Guidelines” page of this blog.

I’m sure you will be quickly hooked and want to read more! Stay tuned because THE GAMES will start soon!

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